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Events: StAnza 2008

The 2008 festival - our eleventh - introduced several new and exciting ways of encountering poetry. Ranging from chatty and relaxed Poetry Breakfasts to start the day to lively Poetry Theatre interacting with festival-goers in the Byre Foyers, these also included a Masterclass on the translation process, intimate Round Table Readings with major poets, and even a late night Poetry & Jazz jam session. A further innovation was our focus on poets connected with Glasgow which featured that city's poet laureate and also a poet from its twin city of Nuremberg.

All this and much more: a diverse gathering of poets, readings in our regular atmospheric venues, the annual StAnza Lecture and Discussion, poets Past & Present, showcase readings, a poetry stage show, exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses, collaborations with musicians, poetry film, children's events, various public participation events - and some fun thrown in as well - all packed into five eventful days. At StAnza no two years are ever the same. We hope you enjoyed being part of the unique experience that was StAnza 2008.

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