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StAnza Information

StAnza 2008

StAnza 2008 took place on: 12–16 March, 2008

Location: St Andrews, Fife, Scotland

Hub Venue: The Byre Theatre

Other venues: Parliament Hall, The Town Hall, The Council Chamber, St John’s Undercroft, St Mary’s Hall, The Preservation Trust Museum

Festival Themes: Poetry & Conflict, Sea of Tongues


Festival Themes

Each festival focuses on two themes which weave around each other to give that year's StAnza its own unique flavour. For 2008 Poetry & Conflict brought to the festival poets and speakers with experience ranging from war poetry to critical analysis to service in a theatre of war. Sea of Tongues took in many different events and was built round the largest number of non-Anglophone poets from both the UK and abroad ever to take part in StAnza.


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