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Events: StAnza 2009

The 2009 festival – our twelfth – came with a range of events which honoured and re-interpreted Scotland’s national Bard Robert Burns in various challenging and provocative ways. We considered his poetic legacy and looked at what else Scotland has given the world as, in the Homecoming 2009 year to mark the 250th anniversary of his birth, we extended a special invitation to the festival to returning Scots and affinity Scots from all around the globe.

Expanding yet again our interest in poetry’s collaboration and interaction with other art forms, our second theme in 2009, Poetry Centre Stage, looked at the dynamic between poetry and drama and featured three one-act plays, including one specially commissioned for StAnza. We were delighted to have so many representatives from stage and screen taking part in StAnza in 2009.  

All this and much more: from chatty and relaxed Poetry Breakfasts via Poetry Theatre interacting with festival-goers in the Byre Foyers to lively late night sessions, each day was packed with exciting events. StAnza 2009 festival visitors enjoyed a diverse gathering of poets, readings in our regular atmospheric venues, the annual StAnza Lecture and Discussion, poets Past & Present, showcase readings, a poetry stage show, exhibitions, workshops and masterclasses, collaborations with musicians, poetry film, children's events, various public participation events – and some fun thrown in as well – all packed into five eventful days. We hope you enjoyed being part of the unique experience that was StAnza 2009.

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