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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: David Campbell

David Campbell(Photo: Catriona Murray)

David Campbell has devised, scripted, directed a wide variety of radio programmes for BBC Scotland, reviewed books and plays in the Scottish Press, and published poems and short stories in Chapman, Words and Textualities.  His books include Tales to Tell (1986) and Tales to Tell 2 (1994), The Three Donalds (with Linda Bandelier, 1998), and Out of the Mouth of the Morning: Tales of the Celt (Luath, 2009).  He is a charismatic and acclaimed storyteller carrying his lore of Scottish Tales in the oral tradition world-wide.

StAnza 2009 Events:

Wed 18 March | Poetry Theatre
Ruth Frame & David Campbell
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Foyers

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