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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: John Burnside

John Burnside

John Burnside, poet and novelist, was born in 1955 and now lives in Fife. He has published twelve collections of poetry, most recently The Hunt in the Forest (Cape, 2009) and Gift Songs (Cape, 2007).  His collection, The Asylum Dance, won the 2000 Whitbread Poetry Award.  He has also published seven works of fiction including Glister (Cape 2008) and The Devil’s Footprints (Cape 2007), and the memoir A Lie About My Father (Cape, 2006), which won the Saltire Book of the Year Prize and the Sundial/SAC non-fiction book of the year award.

StAnza 2010 Events:

Thu 18 March | Five O’Clock Verses
Reading: Anne-Marie Fyfe, Luis Muñoz with John Burnside
Parliament Hall, South Street

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