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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Julie Johnstone

Julie Johnstone(Photo: Gerry Cambridge)

Julie Johnstone is the Librarian at the Scottish Poetry Library, and Curator of the Edwin Morgan Archive. She is also editor of Essence Press, and publisher of the journal Less. For StAnza 2010, she has curated two exhibitions on behalf of the Scottish Poetry Library A Stuggy Pren; and From Glasgow to Saturn.


StAnza 2010 Events:

Exhibitions, Films and Installations:

Thu 18 - Sat 20 March | A Stuggy Pren: Ivor Cutler
Ivor Cutler in photographs by Katrina Lithgow
Public Library, Church Square

Thu 18 - Sun 21 March | From Glasgow to Saturn: Edwin Morgan
A selection of works from the Edwin Morgan Archive
The Trust Museum, North Street

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