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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Valerio Magrelli

Valerio Magrelli(Photo: Bruna Ginammi)

Valerio Magrelli was born in Rome in 1957 and is the author of five poetry collections. In 2003 the Accademia dei Lincei awarded him the Premio Feltrinelli. As a professor of French literature, he writes on Dadaism, Joubert, Valéry, and he is also a contributor to the cultural pages of several Italian dailies. His publications in English include Nearsights (Graywolf, 1991), The Contagion of Matter (Holmes & Meyer, 2000), Instructions on how to read a newspaper (Chelsea Editions, 2008), and The Embrace (Faber & Faber/FSG, 2009), translated by Jamie McKendrick.

StAnza 2010 Events:

Thu 18 March | Border Crossings
Reading: Valerio Magrelli, Hamish Whyte
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Supper Room

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