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Participants: Alexander Stoddart

Alexander Stoddart

Alexander Stoddart, H. M. Sculptor in Ordinary in Scotland, has worked on Ossianic subject-matter for the past decade and a half. His works range from tiny miniatures representing the subjects to plans for a colossal-scale Ossianic Monument in Scotland. Believing that modern Scots have a moral duty to review, without prejudice, the Ossianic traditions both in their ancient vernacular and modern high-art forms, Stoddart regards the grasping of the Ossianic nettle to be critical to the continent future development of the culture of the Occident, with Scotland in the lead. Stoddart observes Ossianís commencement of the modern, romantic art of Europe; he believes it is likely to be critically involved again in the anticipated overturning of the long-decadent contemporist culture of recent times.

StAnza 2010 Events:

Sat 20 March | Past & Present
Alexander Stoddart on Ossian, Tony Ward on Ivor Cutler
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

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