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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Peter McCarey

Peter McCarey(Photo: Catherine McCarey)

Peter McCarey was born in Paisley and brought up in Glasgow. After studying, writing and freelancing in various parts of Europe, he moved to Geneva in 1988, where he is now the Head of Language Services at the World Health Organization and an occasional performer with Roaratorio. He has written a dozen books, and has been included in anthologies published in various countries. He has been working on the website of the Syllabary since the mid-1990s. He launched the second incarnation of this massive project at the Scottish Poetry Library in October 2009, and is also now working on a separate collaborative version.

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Wed 17 - Sun 21 March | The Syllabary III
Live showing of web site by Peter McCarey
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Bar & Bistro

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