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StAnza: Information

StAnza Information

StAnza 2011 took place from: 16-20 March, 2011

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Location: St Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Hub Venue: The Byre Theatre
Other venues: The Undercroft, Parliament Hall, St Mary's Hall, The Town Hall, The Public Library, The Trust Museum, The Green Room, The Younger Hall, Fraser East, Zest Juicing & Coffee Bar
Themes: Timepiece, The Poets' Ark

Festival Themes

Each festival focuses on two themes which weave around each other to give every StAnza its own unique flavour.

Our first theme for 2011 was Timepiece. Taking as a starting point the vibrant and significant history of Scotland, in 2011 StAnza engaged with the dynamic between verse and the recorded and unrecorded past, seminal moments from poetry and the daily routine of nations and communities, those local and those distant in space and time, as well as individual family histories. As part of this, in the 100th anniversary year of the birth of the great Scottish Gaelic poet Somhairle MacGill-Eain (Sorley MacLean), we had a focus on Gaelic and presented events to mark that occasion,  including a special musical performance in partnership with The Sorley Maclean Trust, the Scottish Chamber Orchestra and the Music Centre at St Andrews University.

Our second theme, The Poets’ Ark, set loose around St Andrews a whole menagerie of animal poems, looking at the substantial contribution of our fellow creatures to poetry past and present. We considered how in their work poets set about capturing our complex relationship with nature, exploring the tensions between wilderness and captivity, extinction and survival.

StAnza Box OfficeHeadline Poets

Ciaran Carson
Selima Hill
Douglas Dunn
Marilyn Hacker
Durs Grűnbein
Julia Donaldson
Paul Farley
Fiona Sampson
Yang Lian
Bob Holman

Philip Gross


Adnan al-Sayegh
Antonella Anedda
Claire Askew

Neil Astley
Sophie F. Baker
Emily Ballou
Jo Bell
Jay Bernard
David Brown
Hugh Bryden

John Burnside
Maoilios Caimbeul
Karen Cargill

Ciaran Carson
A. C. Clarke
Stewart Conn
Katherine R. Cooper
Claire Crowther
Ellen Cranitch
Robert Crawford

Julia Donaldson
Gawain Douglas
Douglas Dunn
Carrie Etter
Paul Farley
Mark O. Goodwin
Philip Gross
Durs Grűnbein
Marilyn Hacker
Diana Hendry
Bob Holman
Sarah Howe

Selima Hill
Brian Holton
Maja Jantar
Brian Johnstone
Chris Jones
Stuart Kelly
David Kinloch

Yang Lian

Jenny Lindsay
Alan MacGillivray
Kevin MacNeil
Robyn Marsack
Toby Martines de las Rivas
James McGonigal
Hugh McMillan
Jelle Meander
Matt Merritt
George Nakhutsrishvili
Katrina Naomi
Helena Nelson
Don Paterson
Jila Peacock
Tom Petsinis
Dan Phillips
Tom Pow
David Robakidze
Anna Robinson
Lesley-Jane Rodgers
Stevie Ronnie
Fiona Sampson
John Sampson
Scottish Chamber Orchestra
Penelope Shuttle
Lidija Šimkute
Catriona Taylor
Natasha Trethewey
University of St Andrews Chamber Orchestra
Ryan Van Winkle
Helen White
Kevin Williamson
Rab Wilson
Dawn Wood
Anna Woodford
Kevin Young

We're Celebrating Fife


Funding for 2011

In 2011 StAnza was again Celebrating Fife as a flagship event of the Festival Kingdom. StAnza is also grateful to have secured funding support for 2011 from the Scottish Arts Council and EventScotland.


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