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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Anja Hertenberger

Anja Hertenberger

Anja Hertenberger was born in Laupheim in Germany and studied at the Hochschule für bildende Künste, Hamburg, and then the Frank Mohr Instituut IME (Interactive Media and Environments) in the Netherlands. She now lives and works in Amsterdam. Anja is a member of the v2_ eTextile Workspace, and for the past dozen years has exhibited widely in Germany, the Netherlands, and further afield.

StAnza 2013 Events:

Sun 10 March | Meet the Artist: Anja Hertenberger
A chance to meet one of the artists behind the Lace Sensor Dresses
The Garden Seminar Room, Kennedy Hall, The Scores

Exhibitions, Films and Installations:

Thu 07 - Sun 10 March | Poetry Loops
Loop showing of films by Marc Tiley, Marc Neys, Tony Kirby, Stephanie Dudley, Paul Perry, Véronique Goël, Nitin Nath Harsh, Meg Grant and Anja Hertenberger
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens

Fri 08 - Sun 10 March | Stitched and Spoken
Lace Sensor Dresses from the Netherlands featuring poems stitched and spoken
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens

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