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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: John Nichol

John Nichol

John Nichol was part of a folk duo for ten years and went on to be a founder member of the Rowan Tree Company, a Borders-based professional touring company, playing venues throughout Southern Scotland and beyond. John played the major role in most of the early Rowan Tree productions and contributed music, dialogue and poetry to all of them. Since then he has founded the company IDEOMS which produces "the most outrageous Burns suppers in the world". Its current production is Soddin' Flodden, produced for the 500th anniversary of the battle. He is a prolific writer of poetry in Scots. For the last ten years John Nichol has written short plays based on the court cases of Sir Walter Scott for Scott's Selkirk and has played the writer both in these and on other occasions. His poetry has been published in The Eildon Tree and Jorum, an anthology of poetry by contemporary Border Scots writers.

StAnza 2013 Events:

Sun 10 March | Marmion: A Tale of Flodden Field
Drama in a rehearsed reading from Sir Walter’s Scott’s famous work
Parliament Hall, South Street

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