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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Christopher Whyte (Crìsdean MacIlleBhàin)

Christopher Whyte (Crìsdean MacIlleBhàin)Photo: Branko Blaz Lesjak

Among poets writing in Gaelic today, Christopher Whyte (Crìsdean MacIlleBhàin) stands out for his innovative approach to a wide range of subject matter, his mastery of the longer poem, and his openness to European experience and influences. His narrative sequence From the Diary of Maria Malibran (Bho Leabhar-Latha Maria Malibran) was described as a major breakthrough for Gaelic poetry.  After graduating from Cambridge, Whyte lived in Rome from 1973 to 1985, then taught in Glasgow University's Department of Scottish Literature from 1990 to 2005. His scholarly editions of the poetry of Sorley MacLean have won widespread acclaim. He is also the author of four novels in English. His fifth collection, An Daolag Shìonach (The Chinese Beetle), features unpublished poems from the last 20 years and new work from 2006-2007. Currently he lives and writes full-time in Budapest, Hungary.

StAnza 2013 Events:

Fri 08 March | Border Crossings
Reading: Christopher Whyte (Crìsdean MacIlleBhàin), Robert Minhinnick
All Saints Hall, North Castle Street

Fri 08 March | Past & Present
Mark Doty on Walt Whitman, Christopher Whyte (Crìsdean MacIlleBhàin) on Marina Tsvetaeva
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

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