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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Participants: Rhiannon Purdie

Rhiannon Purdie

Rhiannon Purdie is a Senior Lecturer in Medieval English in the School of English, University of St Andrews. Her research interests are in the secular literature of the later Middle Ages of England and Scotland, in particular medieval romance, Older Scots poetry, regionalism in Middle English literature, and editorial theory and practice. Her publications include the book Anglicising Romance: Tail-Rhyme and Genre in Medieval English Literature (2008), and she is currently editing Shorter Scottish Medieval Romances: Florimond of Albany; Sir Colling the Knycht; King Orphius; Roswall and Lillian, which will be published by the Scottish Text Society in May 2013.

StAnza 2013 Events:

Fri 08 March | The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy
Robert Crawford and Don Paterson and ‘The Flyting of Dunbar and Kennedy’
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

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