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StAnza: Afterword 2014

Photo: Alistair Kerr

Can I just say to anyone who has not made it yet: it is the best thing you will do
(Ellen McAteer)

In the year of Homecoming Scotland, it was wonderful for the festival to be back home in its regular hub venue at the Byre Theatre. There was unanimity on this amongst locals and visitors, performers and volunteers, and the general consensus was that this was ‘a vintage year’ for StAnza.  Poets from around the Commonwealth brought with them flavours of India, Africa, Canada and Jamaica to spice up this year’s programme, and joined poets from across Scotland, the UK and around the world, including  the Netherlands, Germany, Croatia and the USA. And to mark the centenary of the outbreak of WW1, the legacy of the poetry from that war was recognised in a series of readings and events, including this year’s StAnza lecture from David Constantine, Past & Present sessions on war poets, and contributions from contemporary poets with experience of war.

This year’s opening event was a spectacular contemporary circus and modern dance interpretation of The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Playing to a packed theatre, the Square Peg circus troupe showed how poetry could spin and tumble, reach for the heights and walk the hire wire, accompanied by gasps from the audience.  Elsewhere, in anticipation of the Commonwealth Games, poetry was also walking, spinning and showing its form in events and installations around St Andrews, including a poetic tribute to Fife’s own twice Commonwealth Gold medallist, Phil Caira which was served up to a capacity crowd at Bayview where East Fife met Rangers in the festival week.  In all, we had six glorious days of poetry, conversation and celebration while the sun mostly shined. Thanks to our team of photographers, we’re delighted to be able to bring you a gallery of photographs to remind us of events and moments from around the festival. There are also links to reviews and other online festival coverage including podcasts from the festival which you’ll find by following the links below. We hope this will allow you to enjoy StAnza 2014 all over again, or perhaps get a flavour of it, if you didn’t manage this year.


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The First World War at Home and Abroad, by David Constantine [PDF]

Appendix to above lecture [PDF]

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