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Past Poets

Past PoetsPiloted in 2005 as Dead Poets Sessions, these events have proved hugely popular. The Past & Present series generally features two poets (appearing in their own right elsewhere in the festival). Each talks about a nominated poet from the past, touching on their enthusiasm for the work and any personal connections, ending with a short reading. Poets of the past are also present in other ways during the festival: in performances, as the subject of talks, on film and as illustrations in workshops, and on Poetry Walks around St Andrews.

Thu 06 March | 10.00-11.15am | Poetry Walk: A Sporting Chance
Encounter verse around town: led by Andy Jackson
The Byre Theatre, Abbey Street – Theatre Garden

Thu 06 March | 2.15-3.15pm | Past & Present
Lesley Duncan on Charles Hamilton Sorley & Hamish Henderson, Ian Higgins on Albert-Paul Granier
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

Fri 07 March | 11.30am-12.30pm | Past & Present
Alexander Hutchison on David Jones, Brian Turner on Isaac Rosenberg
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

Fri 07 March | 2.15-3.15pm | Past & Present
Gill Plain on Vera Brittain and women's poetry 1914-18, Stephen Raw on Wilfred Owen
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

Sat 08 March | 11.30am-12.30pm | The Great War, Dundee
Poetry, propaganda and the press from WW1 with The JOOT Theatre Company
Parliament Hall, South Street

Sat 08 March | 2.15-3.15pm | Past & Present
Peter Mackay on George Campbell Hay, Caroline Brown on Joseph Lee
The Town Hall, Queens Gardens – Council Chamber

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