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StAnza International Poetry Festival

Cyber Slam & Webcast Open Mic

- Saturday 11 September 2010

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Cyber Slam

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Cyber Open Mic


Celebrating Fife 2010

As part of Fife’s Year of Culture, StAnza: Scotland’s International Poetry Festival was challenged by Overload, Melbourne’s Poetry Festival, to a Cyber Slam featuring a StAnza team in competition with a team from Australia.

Using the latest digital technology, slammers in St Andrews and Melbourne went head to head in a knock-out competition in front of live audiences in Scotland and Australia, and virtual audiences tuning in to the free webcast.

The StAnza team comprised Milton Balgoni as MC, Robin Cairns, Claudia Daventry, Ali ‘Harlequinade’ Maloney and Kevin Cadwallender. Melbourne’s Overload Poetry Festival was led by Santo Cazzati as MC, with Ezra Biz, Benjamin IQ Sanders, and two poets, Graham and Andrea, who had come through during earlier heats in Melbourne. The full set of results are here. Both teams produced brilliant performances and StAnza emerged as winners.

The event was followed by Fife’s Risk-a-Verse Open Mic, which included live and Skyped contributions from poets either living in Fife or with strong Fife connections. This too was webcast and the afternoon was studded with poetic gems.

The poets taking turns at the mic were: Andrew Ferguson, Etta Dunn, Andy Jackson, Lyn Moir, Colin Will, Anne Connolly, Milton Balgoni, Eddie Gibbons, Iain Gray, Anna Stewart, Brian Johnstone, Harlequinade, Robin Cairns, Eleanor Livingstone, Kevin Cadwallender.

The StAnza Team!

Robin CairnsRobin Cairns used to write plays, music and journalism and turned to verse by chance on millenium night in Manchester Airport. Now he performs across Scotland on a regular basis, at poetry nights, slams, comedy clubs, ceilidhs (lots of ceilidhs), after-dinner engagements, in schools, in libraries, rock festivals, arts festivals, what have you got? A short collection of his work ”Last Man With Sky" is in print and available to buy, and he runs “Last Monday at Rio” events in Glasgow.



Claudia DaventryClaudia Daventry has lived in a lot of places around the world, the last being Amsterdam, where she was a regular on the performance circuit. Now she's moved to Scotland, where she's fighting off the apparently universal assumption that anyone called Claudia from Amsterdam must be a porn star. She is not one, and never has been one, and would especially not like those two words to appear in connection with her name on any website or it's just a matter of time...



Kevin CadwallenderKevin Cadwallender is a veteran performance and page poet having participated in the first uk slams. He is Scottish commissioning editor for Red Squirrel Press and was shortlisted for a Sony radio award for his BBC radio 4 piece 'Voyages'. Books include 'Dances with Vowels' (Smokestack Books) and 'Sagrada Familia' (RSP). He has performed in Europe and the U.S.A and at various festivals throughout the UK including StAnza.




Milton BalgoniMilton Balgoni, Scottish Slam Champion from The Kingdom of Fife has been ploughing his own distinctive furrow through the field of Performance Poetry for the past 8 years. A seasoned veteran and MC, he notably runs the Spoken Word venue at the Wickerman Festival near Dumfries. Balgoni captivates and enthralls with dark humour and thought provoking subjects in a blistering hail of Scottish vernacular. 'A Ranting, Raving cross between Elvis, Rabbie Burns and the Tasmanian Devil'



Milton BalgoniAli Maloney (aka Harlequinade) attempts to blur the performance lines between poetry, live literature, experimental noise, grotesque clown slapstick, puppetry and mask ritual. His lyrics draw upon folklore, mythology, philosophy and bleak ‘end of the world’ humour. He has been collected in publications by Red Squirrel Press, releases music on Black Lantern and begins a course in physical theatre under Al Seed this autumn.



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